What is Django and how to install Django?

Hello World, Welcome to projectsplaza.com. This is the first tutorial of “learn Django from scratch with example“. In this tutorial, we will discuss “what is Django and how to install Django“.

What is Django?

Django is an open-source web application framework, built with python. A web framework is set of components which help to create web application easier and faster. Django follows the model-template-view architectural pattern. It is maintained by the Django Foundation. The main goal of Django is to create a database-driven and complex website with ease.

How to install Django?

Now I am going to install Django on my system. I am using Windows 10, you can install Django on any operating system.

  • Firstly download python 3 and install
  • Open a command line and create a folder where you want to install Django
  • Run the following command to install Django
pip install django
  • The above command will install the latest package of Django
  • pip is python package installer or you can say python package index.
  • The above commands will install Django on your system.
  • Verify the Django installation with the following command
django-admin version

In the next tutorial, we will learn and create projects and applications in Django.

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