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Form validation in laravel

Hello World, Welcome to my website. Today I am going to create article about how we can perform form validation in laravel. In the previous article we have discussed that how we can generate dummy data in laravel. In this article, we will create student detail form and validate that form in laravel feature. I have created this article in following steps:

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Generate Dummy data in laravel 5

Hello World, Welcome to this website. Today we will discuss how to generate dummy data in laravel 5 with faker class. Generating dummy data with the automatic process will definitely increase our productivity.

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Upload Image in Laravel 5

Hello world, this tutorial is about how to upload image in laravel 5. In this tutorial, we will create simple example with upload image in folder and then save that image in database table. I have divided this tutorial in following parts:

  • Setup laravel 5 on xampp server
  • Setup controller, view and route
  • Upload image in folder
  • Setup database, model and migration
  • Save image in database table

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