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Create comment system with jquery ajax and laravel 7

Hello World, Welcome to ProjectsPlaza.com. Today we will learn how to create a comment system with jQuery Ajax and Laravel 7. In this tutorial, we will save comments and show instantly with the total comments count. This gonna be a very interesting tutorial for me as well as for you (I hope). I have divided this tutorial into the following parts:

  • Create a Post model
  • Create a Comment model
  • Define the hasMany relationship in Post Model
  • Add dummy data for post
  • Create a PostController and define a method for post list and post detail
  • Create templates for post and post detail with comments and show data
  • Setup route
  • Add a comment with jquery ajax and  show instantly

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How to create api with laravel 5

Hello World, Welcome to my website. Today I will discuss how to create API with laravel 5. Laravel provides a very efficient way to create API with its resource controller which are already structured around REST verbs and patterns. In this tutorial, we will create a simple example to better understand APIs.

I am using laravel 5.8

I have divided this tutorial into the following parts.

  • Create Resource Controller
  • Create Modal
  • Access Data via Resource Controller
  • API Routing
  • Test API in Postman

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