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Upload image with codeigniter

Hello World, This is ninth tutorial of the series Learn codeigniter from scratch. In the previous tutorial of this series, we have learned that how to perform update delete data in database with codeigniter. In this tutorial, we will learn how to upload image with codeigniter and save in database. From starting, we are performing all our code on todo list application. So this tutorial will also apply the code in todo list app.

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Setup codeigniter on local machine

Hello World, This is first tutorial of  learn codeigniter from scratch series. In this tutorial we will learn that how we can setup codeigniter on our local machine. After set up, we will create simple hello world application. I have divided this tutorial in following parts:

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Learn codeigniter from scratch

Hello World, Today i am going to create Codeigniter Tutorial Series and the name of this series is learn codeigniter from scratch. In this serial of codeigniter tutorial i will not explain that what is codeigniter, what is mvc and all that. Because there are lots of other resource where you get these things. In this serial i will perform specif task in every tutorial like how to submit form data with codeigniter, how to upload image with codeigniter etc.

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