How to create website without coding knowledge

Hello World, Today I am going to create a website without coding knowledge. You just need basic knowledge of internet browsing. In this tutorial, we will create a beautiful blog website with WordPress without coding experience. I have divided this tutorial into three parts.

  • Introduction of WordPress
  • How to download and install WordPress.
  • Create and run the website

Introduction of WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management web application system. It is created in PHP language. You can download and install WordPress for free of cost.

How to download and install WordPress

  • Go to and download the latest version. You will get a zip file.
  • WordPress is built with PHP programming language so we need PHP server.
  • XAMPP is a PHP server you can download XAMPP Server from and install it like other window software.
  • Now we will place our WordPress folder in the server folder.
  • Open xampp folder then open htdocs folder. Copy your WordPress folder here and extract it.
  • We will store all our website data in the database.
  • Run the Xampp application. You will see the following similar window.
  • Start the first two application apache and MySQL.
  • Now open http://localhost/phpmyadmin/. Click on the databases tab, enter the name of the database wp_learn, and create.

Create and run the website

  • Open browser, the chrome, or firefox.
  • Enter this path in the address bar. http://localhost/your-wordpress-folder-path
  • The first screen is to choose your language screen.
  • The second screen will ask about database information.
  • Enter the following detail.

Database name: wp_learn

username: root


Database host: localhost

Table prefix: wp_

  • Run the installation. This may take a few minutes to install.
  • The next screen will admin detail screen. Enter appropriate data and save for future reference.
  • After a successful installation, it will show a success screen. Click on the login button.
  • The Admin dashboard is a content management section of your website. Here you will add your content.
  • On the top left, you will see My Website link. Click on this link or open it in a new tab.
  • That’s it. This is your website.

In the next part of this tutorial, we will learn how we can add or update the content in the website. We will also learn how to change the look and feel of the website.

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