Create your first application with react native

Hello World, Welcome to Today I am going to create a hello world app with react native. I will create this react native app with expo. This is a very simple application. Our main goal of this tutorial is to install react native on the window system and create our first application. I have defined the following steps to create a hello world app with react native.

  • Install NodeJs
  • Install expo mobile app from play store
  • Install expo with this command “npm i -g expo-cli”
  • Install react native with this command “expo init app-name”. It will ask you about app type template. You will just create a blank template.
  • Go to app folder with this command “cd app-name”
  • Now run the app “npm start” command.
  • You will see the bar code.
  • Open your expo mobile app and scan the bar code.
  • Now the app is running on your screen.

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