Create project from scratch with laravel 5

Hello World, welcome to my website. Today i am going to create a tutorial series of laravel 5. In this series, we will create a project from scratch. I have divided this series in following parts.

I will cover the first part of the series in this article. I hope you will enjoy and learn from this series.

Project Introduction

We will create an employee management system in this series. Following features will be available in this project.

  • Panel Login
  • Employee CRUD
  • Employee Attendance Sheet
  • Employee Salary Card

Panel Login

In this section, Admin will log in with username and password (Saved in the database). After successfully logged in, the admin will redirect on the dashboard.

Employee Crud

In this section, admin can create, read, update and delete the employee data.

Employee Attendance Sheet

In this section, admin can add, update and delete attendance of the specific employee. Admin can also see the attendance report of a specific employee.

Employee Salary Card

In this section, the admin can manage the salary of the employee. Admin can also see the salary report of a specific employee.


In this tutorial series, the following technologies will be used.

  • Laravel 5.8
  • MySQL
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap Datepicker
  • Font Awesome 4
  • Jquery 3.3.1
  • DataTable

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