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create reactjs application with laravel api

Hello World, Today i am going to create reactjs application with laravel api from scratch. In this application, we will fetch data from database with laravel resource api and show in reactjs application. In this tutorial, I have created two different application one is in laravel and other is in reactjs and then we have connected these both with api.


  • Install Laravel
  • Create product model and migration
  • Generate dummy data
  • Create Product resource
  • Route for api request
  • Test our application

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Create a dynamic single page application with ReactJs

Hello World, Today I am going to create a dynamic single page application with reactJs. This tutorial is an extended version of the Previous Tutorial. Please read the previous tutorial to understand this tutorial. In the previous tutorial, we have created the static single page application. In this tutorial, we will create a dynamic application. We will use JSON Placeholder to fetch the fake data and show that data in our application.

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Upload Image with Nodejs and Express

Hello World, Today we are going to discuss how to upload image with nodejs and express. Before reading this article I request to you read the following tutorial so that you can the basic knowledge about nodejs web development.

I have divided this tutorial in following parts:

  • Set up Projects.
  • Create Views.
  • Upload Image in folder and view the image.

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