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How to submit data with jquery ajax in django 3

Hello World, Welcome to Today I am going to create a tutorial on how to submit the form with jquery ajax in Django 3. This is a very simple tutorial. I will submit a form of data in the database without reloading the page in Django 3 with the help of jquery ajax. I have divided this tutorial into the following steps.

  • Setup Django with learning project and ajaxform app
  • Create a post model
  • Setup route for view
  • Create form template
  • Submit form data in the database with jquery ajax
  • Verify the submitted data

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How to work with ajax in laravel

Hello World, Today i am going to discuss that how to work with ajax in laravel. In this tutorial, We will create simple example to perform ajax working in laravel. In this example, We will click on a button then load the data with jquery ajax technology and show in the html div element. I hope you will learn and enjoy this tutorial.

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